Chef Whites

Hello, friends! No recipe today, just a quick note.

As the years tick by I find myself thinking about my needs and wants differently. 19-year old me is very different from 29-year old me, regardless, "Happiness" remains an enigma, something undefinable yet oh so necessary. What has become clear to me is the importance of the small pieces and parts of life. A sprinkling of goodness here, a dash of excitement there, a solid layer of love and support - the figurative Seven-Layer-Magic-Bar of happiness.

In recent months I've made a more mindful effort to maintain and grow the positive and creative elements of my life - those things which nourish and sustain me. I've been building this blog, reading good books, taking on new painting projects, going for long walks, connecting with loved ones... and as you might imagine, I've also been busily baking. Breads, cakes, pastry, and pies. Sweet and savory. I've been connecting with local shops and online communities, snatching up used cookbooks, pursuing classes and demonstrations. Just last month I learned how to work with Rolled Buttercream, a tasty alternative to Fondant. (You'll be seeing this in a recipe soon!)

I've also begun a formal Baking & Pastry course. (Giddy geeky moment - I get to wear Chef Whites!) It is part of a vocational program which makes it both incredibly informative and affordable. The focus is on developing professional skills and learning industry standards, essentially a resume builder for those looking to get into the culinary world.  As I pick up new skills or life lessons I'll be sure to share them here.

In the meantime, here's wishing you all a big bite of happiness from your own Seven-Layer-Magic-Bar.